Travelling with your dog? Here are the dog-friendly beaches in Poreč

Travelling with your dog? Here are the dog-friendly beaches in Poreč

28 July 2021

Travelling with your dog? Here are the dog-friendly beaches in Poreč

Do you love traveling? And you’re not sure how to travel with your furry friend? Well, if this is your case, you are in the right place! We understand your love for your four-legged companion, which is why we took the time to explore the area surrounding our villas for rent. We came up with the following top dog-friendly beaches in Poreč, you need to check out to:

Top locations in Porec

Porec is a town in Istria, standing out due to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Euphrasian Basilica. It is one of the oldest cities in Istria, attracting plenty of tourists yearly due to the harbor shielded from the sea by the island of San Nicola. Several campsites and resorts in this area encourage you to bring your pets during your stay. And if you love windsurfing, make sure you take the time to check Porec’s windsurfing spots!

Camp Bijela Uvala

The Camp Bijela Uvala is popular due to the pebble beach. Anyone can have fun here, but if you bring your furry friend, you will enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities

Istra Sunny camp

This is a premium camping resort in Istria nearby Porec. It will entice you with its proximity to the sea, but at the same time, we guarantee you will love the charming marina. And, of course, your four-legged friend can explore even the coastal village of Funtana.

Blue moon

Indeed, you might feel like it is tricky to discover a dog-friendly beach in Istria, but with a little attention to detail, you will stumble upon a small place such as Blue Moon. Here you can allow your dog to explore and enjoy the sun all day long.

Beach Ulika

Beach Ulika is known for its astonishing panorama over the sea. Being part of the peninsula, it is surrounded by the famous Croatian oak forest. Overall, it is a rocky area, and the beaches here might not be so smooth as in other areas. But it is one of the best dog-friendly beaches you can visit.

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