Istria – one of the top 10 winemaking regions in the world

Istria – one of the top 10 winemaking regions in the world

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04 May 2021

The Istrian terroir consists of four types of soil – black, red, grey and white – meaning that the local varieties of wine you can taste in Istria differ depending on the kind of soil the grapes were grown in. Tasting local wines will help you get to know Istria’s character, simultaneously tame and wild. Discover delicate Istrian Malvasia, robust Teran and sweet Muscat in the cellars of the winemakers who have brought Istria to the very top of the international wine scene. In both 2014 and 2015, Istria was listed as one of the top 10 wine destinations in the world, and in 2016 it was among the top 10 wine destinations in Europe.


A local variety, Istrian Malvasia has been grown here since ancient times, but it was not until the 21st century that it reached its peak. It is pale to golden yellow in colour with elderflower on the nose, and its flavour is pleasantly well-rounded. Its refreshing aroma makes an excellent pair with seafood specialties and light meat dishes.


Teran has a unique ruby red colour and a full, fruity scent and flavour. High acidity and tannins round it off and give it its unrepeatable, robust flavour. Some oenologists consider it medicinal due to its high polyphenol content, and it pairs very well with meat goulashes and game dishes.


Momjan Muscat was named after the region in which it is grown, around the town of Momjan in northwestern Istria. Its special position and microclimate makes Momjan Muscat unique among wines. It is golden yellow in colour with a rich flavour and luxurious aroma. It makes the perfect pair to desserts.

The fantastic microclimate and unusual combination of various types of soil have made northwestern Istria home to the most celebrated Istrian wines. You will also find some of the best winemakers in all of Croatia right here. Set off on any of the numerous wine routes along the coast and hinterland, and their cellars will beckon you in for a tasting. You can combine your visit to the local wineries with recreation if you decide to go by bike, and you can discover some of Istria’s numerous highlights along the way, such as the romantic lighthouse in Savudrija, the artsy town of Grožnjan and dreamy Motovun.

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