Istrian Olive Oil

Istrian Olive Oil

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27 April 2021

Did you know that Istria was named best olive oil region in the world? Approximately 60 of its oils were listed among the highest quality oils in the world, and many of them come from the northwestern Istria

Istrian olive trees always had a primordial cultural significance! Each Istrian family had its own olive tree grove. It symbolized good health and longevity, which is why locals praise it in every household. And the best part about growing olive trees in Istria is that it can be planted even on rocky soil. An olive tree prospers and lasts forever with adequate care.

What makes Istrian olive oil exquisite is that olive groves are planted on pesticide-free soil. To this day, most land in Istria is free of toxins, making the majority of Istrian olive oil organic!

The Istrian peninsula has a particular geography with climate and soil conditions suitable for cultivating olive groves. And the local Croatian methods of olive oil production adds up to its quality. You’ll discover in Istria only small olive oil producers. Their goal is to harvest early and achieve the authentic Istrian taste and quality for their oils. Remember that some Istrian olive oils have fruity notes, while others are peppery. And, of course, most olive oils in Croatia are organic. There are five indigenous olive oil varieties that grow on Istrian oil: Buža, Bianchera (Istrian Bjelica), Carbonazza (Crnica), Moražola, and Rožinjola (Rosulja).

In fact Tar’s olive growers and producers of high quality extra virgin olive oil, who are presented in this catalogue, are key people in this development process and at the same time main characters in the stories of this destination. With their dedication to work, by inheriting the tradition and knowledge of their ancestors and by being open to new technology and with a lifetime of learning, from year to year by cultivating century-old olive trees, as well as planting new trees, and producing top quality oils they are being increasingly recognised and prized outside Istria and beyond the borders of Croatia.

Together all parts of their work are a great experience for all visitors to Tar and Vabriga: their olive groves are dotted with dry stone walls forming a unique cultural landscape to be explored by all travellers, and their open cellars and tasting rooms are becoming an unforgettable cultural gastronomic experience where, along with the local seafood and wines, they can try the olive oils se well! One more thing: the experience here is available to everyone, and not just in the busy summer months, but all year round!

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